This shop and it's products are an extension of the book of the same name, skate[scape] skate + escape. It's really a gigantic passion project that stemmed from my love for graphic design and skateboarding. Take a look around, click the book link to check that out as well. 

skate[scape] skate + create is a unique book capturing the creative nature of graphic design, skateboarding and skater’s answering the question, "Why do you skate?" through visuals and words.

This is a project that started years ago, it was to merge together my two passions — graphic design and skateboarding. Many awesome skaters and photographers have donated photos and their stories or quotes to explain why they skate. For some, it could be an escape from real life or maybe an outlet for creative expression or just a mode of transportation to the corner store. It’s different for everyone. There is no wrong or right reason to ride a skateboard. Just push.

The creative element that can be found throughout skateboarding, has always had a unique kinship to art and design.Both can be extremely creative, expressive, rewarding, loud or quiet ­­— whatever the hell you want it to be. This book project is a perfect example of this. It's my interpretation of the photos, words and graphic design coming together.

I owe a lot to skateboarding. It has been the catalyst for many things in my life — my career as a designer, this book project, the music I listen to and even how I observe the city landscape for something that could be skated.

Skateboarding has given me an unlimited source of inspiration. Now go skate + escape!